Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Wall's and Stoddard's Meet

We went to visit Jared & Nicole last week. We had a lot of fun exploring Memphis and hanging out. It's great to live (sort of) close to friends!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hayes Update

I guess I can go ahead and tell y'all our plans now that they are set. We are on our way to Jacksonville, Florida for Law school this fall. We applied all around here but to no avail. Florida Coastal actually offered me a spot and a Scholarship so its the Atlantic Coast for us. Packing for this has been a real bear!

Evelyn is 3 months old and doing great. She's a smiler! We will be here in the burg for another month then its adios. Hope to see some of you around before then.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Dalling Update

Hey everyone Here is an update from us...

We are finishing summer school next week and we will be heading to the Burg for a month before starting our last semester of school here in Moscow. I applied to do my last semester at BYU and was accepted, but have since decided to stay here. Brad is moving from Moscow, so I guess I won't be his home-teacher anymore, jajajaja that was fun while it lasted. I am the ward mission leader so I am joining the missionaries on splits here and there. Brooke is plenty busy with Paisley and all her different doctor appointments and speech therapy, etc. She is doing pretty well, except that she likes to pull her feeding tube out a lot and she hates it when we have to put it back in. Even still, I would consider her a very mild baby and she is a pretty good sport about it all. We are hoping to get the "G-Tube" which is a surgically placed button that connects a feeding tube directly to her stomach instead of going through the nasal cavity. So hopefully we can do that soon. Payton is doing really well, man she is really getting big and speaks quite well. We think she is really smart and we are quite proud. I am going to Honduras again in August and I am excited for that, but there is some civil unrest that threatens to prevent my trip (I guess they just had a military coup and their president has been exhiled...meanwhile Hugo Chavez of Venezuela is threatening to come in and restore the president). Anyway, other than that...not much else going on.

Just a couple of other things:

1) Jameson, where are you going to school? Still doing the law school route? I was hoping to see you around these parts, but I guess you decided to go somewhere else?

2) If anyone wants to go paintballing between July 20 and August 5, let me know. I have some extra guns and stuff. So far it is just Brad and I that have talked about it...but anyone else is welcome to come.

3) FYI, after great deliberation, Quinn and I decided a long time ago that the official and correct spelling of "Wrambaughl" is as follows: W r a h m n b a u g h l l l

As far as pictures go, I won't bother posting them here, you know where to find out blog. I hope everyone is doing well. Take care.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

If I am missing a picture of your family it is because you have not given it to me. I did some scavenging for a picture of some families but for others there just aren't any pictures to scavenge. Email me a pic and I will post it.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Small Update

Hey everyone,

Sounds like from the updates everyone is doing well. Nicole and I are living in Memphis TN. Its pretty awesome. I am working for a Investment Firm- (Duncan Williams Inc). I am their project manager for the company. I am hoping to get some more LDS dudes here so that we can open a office in Utah. Jameson, how come everyone else gets a picture and Nicole and I don't? Thats messed up.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

A little update

Hey guys-
This is the Smith's here, more specifically Kristen.  I have yet to post on here so I thought I would do so tonight while Scott is busy studying for the CPA exam.  

We are currently living in Columbus, Oh while Scott finishes up his degree at The Ohio State University.  It has been a fun time and great place to be.  It has been nice to be in a town that has a team to cheer for.  I had heard over and over about the Buckeye football fans and was still surprised by the madness.  They put the most extreme Madison superfan to shame and then some.  I enjoy watching the fans almost as much the game!  They are nuts!

Sadly, our time here is coming to an end.  Scott graduates in June and we are off.  We will be moving back to the 'Burg for one more summer (we'll be around from July to September) and then we are moving to Washington D.C.  Scott got a job as a tax accountant for Ernst and Young. We are getting a place big enough for visitors.  So, plan your trip now!  You can start with Ken and Marty, stop in to see Brock and McKenzie, swing by our place and end up at Creed and Tiffany's?!  It is crazy to think where we all ended up.  Who would have thought, especially judging from the sweet videos you all are posting of yourselves!!  

If anyone wants to check out the day to day our family blog is

Anyway, hope all is well.  Hope to see you all soon. 


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Blog Update - Finally

Hey guys,

I finally updated my blog if you want to check it out and see what's been going on here in LA. Hope you are all well. It is fun getting updates from you guys.


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Quinn's 100,000 Mile Party

This video will keep you laughing for a long time. I had to edit out some parts where we were being a bit crude. All I have to say about this occurance is that puberty made us super annoying.

Comment on this video and let us know your thoughts. Were we really like this?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mission Prep Class 2002

Remember that mission prep class that some of us took at BYU-Idaho. I remember taking the class with Creed, Tyson, and Zack. There might have been one other Stallion in that class, but I can't remember.

Anyways, that class was so fun. It was also wierd. Wierd enough to make me want to doodle the occurances that took place every day in that class. This illustration might be offensive to some, so I apologize. I drew this in 2002. can you blame me?

Monday, April 20, 2009

Birds of Prey and a Fresh Ride

Before I get too involved, like a fat lady expanding her way in diabetic tights and unfortunate loafers, the above picture will be my prompt for the rest of this post...

First, some comments:

1- Brad, did you take the whig picture after church? Didn't have much else to do than look like Bon Jovi. By that time my face is covered in roast and starch, patience isn't a virtue from 4:15 to 4:30 in my house.

2- I'm glad to see that someone put our picture up without the expressed consent of those captured. Truth be told, I would have preferred something like Creed and Tiffany's landscape, with Creed looking like he's trying to read French. As for me, I look like I care about our pose, and I think that had I known my attempt to show some Adam's apple and neck were lost in an Adam's mango, I would have been less enthusiastic.

3- Tyson, you can relax that massive fore-arm. I didn't think Daegan was that heavy, and we all know you're huge.

4- Why is it that the single guys have to look like they can't maintain their normal inhibitions against yelling in driving automobiles from all of the excitement of lonely nights and boring Sunday school lessons? If that picture was accurate in the least, it would contain a tear and some guy from the ward trying to tell a story while vocalizing his effort to remember words like "bread" or "book" in English. Awe... singleness is fun, but I prefer The Bachelor and dirty bathrooms. Anyway, come on Quinn. Let's hear about what you're really doing at 9:00 pm on any given Saturday.

Zack (more to come)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Anyone know Scott and Kristen's email?

Friday, April 17, 2009

Also- if I am missing a child's name and or have something spelled wrong just let me know.

Almost there

If you are one of the people that checks this blog often and still does not see your picture along the right side or do not yet have authorship then please send me a picture and accept the invitation sent to your inbox. we've about got everyone up and running. Also, if you want to update your picture on the side just post it or email it to me. I will get it done.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Stallion Role Call

Alright stallions. Jameson has been trying to get us all to use this blog a little more. So I have decided to give you all an incentive to let us know who uses this blog. Watch this video and then comment on it so that we know who is reading this blog. Spread the word that this video is on the Stallion Blog so that we can get 100% attendance.

Note: Forgive me for not being creative with music and slow motion. I decided to do a quick editing job. Next time I'll do something sweet.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Evelyn Belle Hayes arrived by stork on Wednesday April 8th!
She is a happy beautiful little girl that can eat like an ugly boy!

Momma and baby are doing wonderful!
Dad is ecstatic!

I thought this picture was great because we couldn't even get her to cry when she had her first bath!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hansen Fam

Word Dawwgs,
After the many admonitions and not so subtle hints from Jamison, I decided that I should contribute something to our bomb dizzle web site. We're enjoying Moscow and med school (only 3 weeks of class left for my first year...crazy). I'm learning a lot, but no I can't tell yet if the moles on your back are cancerous, so don't ask (that's my grandma's favorite question now). We have finally figured out what we'll be doing this summer. I've learned the process of setting up research with live patients, and it's kind of a pain in the rump. After several long research proposals and about 4 committees, I've got osteoperosis/stress fracture research funded for 10 weeks at WSU/UI. It should be pretty fun, I've hooked up with a researcher that has a lot of experience in biomechanics and Sports Medicine and together we're testing several exercise regimens and how they effect bone density in young kids. I'll be assaying specific bone markers and.........ok wake up, I'll spare you the boring details (call me if really want to know what I'm doing, it's pretty sweet). Anyway, we'll be here in Moscow for the first 10 weeks of the summer. Also, I was accepted into a sweet program (Rural Underserved Opportunities Program) where I get a stipend and am assigned to a rural doctor for 4 weeks. Guess where their sending me...the Burg! Yup, Rexburg does qualify as rural and underserved in the medical community. So, for 4 weeks (~July-August) we'll be chillin' in Rexburg. Well, I might be really busy actually, but I'm sure we can fit in some climbing/camping/ram ballin' etc. After this, we're going to pack up and move to Seattle. It's a cool town, so we better get some visitors while we're there. So, that's the quick run down. We're excited that we get to hang with some stallions before we move to the big city!

P.S. Here are our most recent family photos, we may have changed a little since you saw us last (We have all gained a little weight). I also added a picture of me...I have been missing the band playing days.

Ok, here we are being semi-normal

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Summer Lov'in

The Eaton's are hopeful for this summer. We will be in Rexburg but traveling to some-what near by locations for fun. Our trips have already begun:

Jennilyn spent seven days in Logan, UT with her family. After the 6th day, I met up with her and did a "teaser run" in Walden Park to prepare us for the Salt Lake City Marathon. We ran anywhere from 20-22 miles. Later that day, I met with two individuals about possible employment as the Program Director for The Front Climbing Gym in Ogden. Then we loaded up in our mini-van and took of to Moab, UT to do some red-rock crack climbing.

Today, I competed in a climbing competition at ISU. I was the only adult to compete, but I felt like I established a personal record.

We're going to sit tight for a little and then on April 18, we get to run the 26.2 miles of the SLC Marathon. Several hours after that we are going to WICKED, a play about the witches from the Wizard of OZ.

I will be directing the Teton Dam Marathon & Races again this year, so June tends to be a little busy for me. But throughout the rest of the summer we plan on climbing and camping. I'm gonna try to make it so that we can attend some days of the International Climbers Festival in Wyoming in August. Jennilyn wants to run the Teton Dam Half-marathon. Both of us plan on climbing Mt. Moran this summer.

So if any of you distant Stallions come to Rexburg for the summer, look us up. We now live in the Village Apartments.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Still missing some Stallions

The thing about keeping in touch with friends is that they have to post stuff so that we can keep in touch.

We are missing the Cardons and the Oakeys. If anyone has an updated email address for me to invite them yet again to join us, please leave it as a comment or email me at jameson.hayes

We also have some people that are members but they never post. Walls, Hansens, Stoddards, Porters-- It would be nice to hear from you all and find out how you are doing.

Jared and Beth Willmore will also be joining the blog.

If you don't have a family picture along the side, email it to me and I will get it up for you.

By the way, we are due any day so I will let you all know when it happens.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Summa Plans

For those that don't know, I am jumping on the marrage bandwagon. The wedding is on May 30 in St George. We will be having an open house thing in Rexburg on the 13th of June. You are all invited. After that we might be in Rexburg for a couple weeks and then off to the real world. I am looking at jobs in China, Texas, California, and Antartica. Maybe I will buy a comb this summer, so I can comb my hair.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Summer Plans

The time is quickly approaching for the ground to dry and the air to warm....

Wow! I sounded pretty poetic.

Anyways, It would be interesting to have all the Stallions post what they are planning on doing this summer. Tell us of your moves, internships, summer jobs, future trips, and adventures. Who knows, maybe some of us can plan a stallion campout and chuck pancakes in the river.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Thanks for a great Christmas Holiday

I have awaited this moment when I could become a contributor to this blog. Thanks Jameson.

This last Christmas was great. We all got to see each other and hangout. Thanks to all those faithful and loyal friends that pursued the shindigs. Overall, in my opinion, the award goes to Ty-Dye for being the Stalwart Stallion. He spent many nights and cell phone minutes keeping tabs with everyone and organizing things.

I got to say, that guy is the best. No matter where we all are, Tyson tends to know the low-down of everyone. He keeps in touch and shows that he cares. I have learned what it really means to be a friend by watching Tyson's example.

I hope to do better in keeping my relationship with all of you strong and everlasting.

Alright....enough of the mushy stuff.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


My favorite part of our little ride was when Brad jumped off a cornous to see how steep/difficult it would be. He jumped about 7 ft down and hit with a thud. The snow was so hard and crusty that his body colapsed, he slid down the rest of the way limp. I laughed so hard about wet myself. The best part was where his feet hit he only penetrated the snow about 1/2 of an inch. Watching him crawl out with moon boots on was just as funny.

Brad taught me how to ride a snowmobile again during christmas break. The conditions were ideal...for ice skating. We managed to find a couple of soft spots on the dry farms and played around for a bit. I have to admit that it wasn't much of a "classic stallion trip." Nothing broke and nobody got lost. I do miss digging Quinn out of deep snow, Zack flying mach afiniti + one into nowhere, and Creed running into Brad. Maybe we can reunite when you doctors have enough money to buy us peasant folk some toys.