Tuesday, March 4, 2008

This is Daegan Dye trying his hardest to be a poser. Audrey and I are trying to survive being new parents. Although Daegan doesn't move much he can be a hand full sometimes. For the most part he is a pretty chill kid. As far as we go nothing new is really happening. We should be in Rexburg till the day I die...or we might be moving to Twin Falls(where the sun does shine.) I have one more year of school until I can really start making my hundreds. (NOTE) I will make hundreds, you all will make millions, and we shall forever live the law of consecration which consists of Creed buying me a new dirt bike every year and me pretending not to know that he is cheating at board games. Later! THE DYE'S

Judging by the date on the picture, Daegan and Alaina should just about be old enough to go through with the arranged marriage.

Where's Daegan? He is getting so big now. He has mastered the roll over and we are trying to get him to crawl.