Wednesday, January 28, 2009


My favorite part of our little ride was when Brad jumped off a cornous to see how steep/difficult it would be. He jumped about 7 ft down and hit with a thud. The snow was so hard and crusty that his body colapsed, he slid down the rest of the way limp. I laughed so hard about wet myself. The best part was where his feet hit he only penetrated the snow about 1/2 of an inch. Watching him crawl out with moon boots on was just as funny.

Brad taught me how to ride a snowmobile again during christmas break. The conditions were ideal...for ice skating. We managed to find a couple of soft spots on the dry farms and played around for a bit. I have to admit that it wasn't much of a "classic stallion trip." Nothing broke and nobody got lost. I do miss digging Quinn out of deep snow, Zack flying mach afiniti + one into nowhere, and Creed running into Brad. Maybe we can reunite when you doctors have enough money to buy us peasant folk some toys.