Friday, July 15, 2011

The Eatons

I think this blog is dead, but I'm going to post on it anyway.

Ben (28), Jennilyn (24), Indiana (5), and Fisher (3) are now living in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. No we aren't living in a van anymore. We hooked ourselves up with a nice apartment above the garage of some young couple's cabin. At 7,000 feet elevation we are blessed with cool breezes and rad vistas.

As you can see, I've been balding. I don't know which stallion is the baldest...It's either Jameson or I. What do you think?

Over the past years, I've been able to party with Jed, Tyson, Zack, and Scott on occasions. I was able to briefly see Mark at the reunion, chatted with Ken and Creed on the phone, and poked many of the others on Facebook. I sure miss you guys and am glad that I've maintained constant contact with some of you.

From what it sounds like, most of you doctors and lawyers should be finishing up school and settling down in the next year or two. I hope that when we all get our roots set into our middle aged lives, that we can set aside some time or vacation days to interact with each other.

I was really looking forward to seeing a lot of you at the 10-Year High School Reunion. I was certain that an event like that would be a perfect time to piggy-back a Stallion Reunion. All of you have expressed the desire and dream of a Stallion Reunion. Now that the High School Reunion has passed, we will have to pursue the Stallion one by itself. Keep in mind, a Stallion reunion will require a lot of scheduling. We are dealing with over 10 different schedules. We merely can't assume that there will be a magic summer where all of our parents are conducting family reunions in Rexburg and we can piggy-back those with our own Stallion Reunion. Even if that did happen, we wouldn't have time to break away from the shinanigans and "peanut-butter-play-offs" of our own families.

So if we ever want to make a Stallion Reunion happen, we are going to need to be proactive. We need an idea of when everyone is done with all the moving around from college to college, from residency to apprenticeship, and so forth.

I'd love to see us say, "Alright, in WHATEVER MONTH of WHATEVER YEAR, the Stallions are going to invade the campground of WHATEVER NATIONAL PARK for 3-4 days." Believe it or not, but Rexburg is not the central location anymore. Creed's house is not the central location anymore. Zack's pantry of limitless cans of pop is not the central location anymore. Anyways, I'd like to see us reunite in a new land to create new memories with our new families. I love our old memories and I love Rexburg, but we need to quit looking into the past as the Stallions and plan for the future of the Stallions.

I hope all is well, and I look forward to seeing you all soon.


Ben Eaton