Thursday, May 7, 2009

A little update

Hey guys-
This is the Smith's here, more specifically Kristen.  I have yet to post on here so I thought I would do so tonight while Scott is busy studying for the CPA exam.  

We are currently living in Columbus, Oh while Scott finishes up his degree at The Ohio State University.  It has been a fun time and great place to be.  It has been nice to be in a town that has a team to cheer for.  I had heard over and over about the Buckeye football fans and was still surprised by the madness.  They put the most extreme Madison superfan to shame and then some.  I enjoy watching the fans almost as much the game!  They are nuts!

Sadly, our time here is coming to an end.  Scott graduates in June and we are off.  We will be moving back to the 'Burg for one more summer (we'll be around from July to September) and then we are moving to Washington D.C.  Scott got a job as a tax accountant for Ernst and Young. We are getting a place big enough for visitors.  So, plan your trip now!  You can start with Ken and Marty, stop in to see Brock and McKenzie, swing by our place and end up at Creed and Tiffany's?!  It is crazy to think where we all ended up.  Who would have thought, especially judging from the sweet videos you all are posting of yourselves!!  

If anyone wants to check out the day to day our family blog is

Anyway, hope all is well.  Hope to see you all soon.