Saturday, July 4, 2009

Dalling Update

Hey everyone Here is an update from us...

We are finishing summer school next week and we will be heading to the Burg for a month before starting our last semester of school here in Moscow. I applied to do my last semester at BYU and was accepted, but have since decided to stay here. Brad is moving from Moscow, so I guess I won't be his home-teacher anymore, jajajaja that was fun while it lasted. I am the ward mission leader so I am joining the missionaries on splits here and there. Brooke is plenty busy with Paisley and all her different doctor appointments and speech therapy, etc. She is doing pretty well, except that she likes to pull her feeding tube out a lot and she hates it when we have to put it back in. Even still, I would consider her a very mild baby and she is a pretty good sport about it all. We are hoping to get the "G-Tube" which is a surgically placed button that connects a feeding tube directly to her stomach instead of going through the nasal cavity. So hopefully we can do that soon. Payton is doing really well, man she is really getting big and speaks quite well. We think she is really smart and we are quite proud. I am going to Honduras again in August and I am excited for that, but there is some civil unrest that threatens to prevent my trip (I guess they just had a military coup and their president has been exhiled...meanwhile Hugo Chavez of Venezuela is threatening to come in and restore the president). Anyway, other than that...not much else going on.

Just a couple of other things:

1) Jameson, where are you going to school? Still doing the law school route? I was hoping to see you around these parts, but I guess you decided to go somewhere else?

2) If anyone wants to go paintballing between July 20 and August 5, let me know. I have some extra guns and stuff. So far it is just Brad and I that have talked about it...but anyone else is welcome to come.

3) FYI, after great deliberation, Quinn and I decided a long time ago that the official and correct spelling of "Wrambaughl" is as follows: W r a h m n b a u g h l l l

As far as pictures go, I won't bother posting them here, you know where to find out blog. I hope everyone is doing well. Take care.

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